Maddi Deckard earned her BA in Theatre Technology with a minor in Music Technology at Chapman University in Orange, CA. Her main focus is sound design and audio technology. She has been on the tech crew for numerous productions, including positions as an audio technician, A2, and board operator. She also sound designed for her university's theatre department and for club shows on campus. Outside of university, she has worked on shows at Chance Theater, East West Players, and Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. Post-graduation, she is continuing her work in the entertainment industry throughout the Riverside, LA, & Orange County areas.

Art for Pieces of Pieces, a short compilation.
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Graduation: May 22nd, 2020 || Departmental Honors & Latin Honors

Thesis: “The Art of Sound Designing Live Performances in Theatre" [link to Abstract, p.118, published on Digital Commons]

Accomplishments & Awards: Dean’s Scholarship Award (2016-2020), Provost's List (2017-2020)

Membership: United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT), National Society for Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)

Extracurriculars: Chapman Student Org. Productions (CSOP), Chapman On Broadway (COB)

Programs: Thesis Writing Bootcamp, Career Certified Student (ATLAS), Iluminación Writing Program (OHS)


Crew Photos

Chapman Student Org.'s production of Green Day's American Idiot at Memorial Hall
Chapman University's production of Avenue Q at Musco Center for the Arts