Sound Design

| A selected collection of original work:

(c) Maddi Deckard - Sound Design - Descendants.mp4

Disney's Descendants, Puttin' On Productions

Directed by Megan Davis & Hazel Seaman

Assistant Directed by Jess Ward

Sound Design - Maddi Deckard

Scenic Design - Tim Keuhn

Lighting Design - Megan Mahoney

Costume Design - Rebecca Roth

Props Design - Patricia Briles

DAW: QLab, Ableton Live | Category: Theatrical Sound Design

2022-04 Zanna Don't Sound Designs (c) MDeckard.mp4

Zanna, Don't! A Musical Fairytale, Chapman University

Directed by Nick Gabriel

Sound Design - Maddi Deckard

Scenic Design - Avery Tang

Lighting Design - Camille Roberts

Costume Design - Kate Poppen

Hair & Makeup Design - Jo Mojonnier

Props Design - Fawn Hutchinson

DAW: QLab, Ableton Live | Category: Theatrical Sound Design

Maddi Deckard - Sound in 24 - USITT21.mp4

Sound design is all original; visuals are from 'Mountain', a nature video game.

This sound design was created for the "Sound in 24" Challenge at the USITT 2021 Conference. Completed in less than 24 hours, all sounds are original recordings that were then modified while designing. USITT's Sound Commission organized the challenge and held a playback session, where designs were presented.

The Sound in 24 Challenge is a 24-hour challenge that tests the skills of the designers to create a sound design with the prompt. No commercial or pre-recorded libraries were allowed. Everyone gathered their own sounds from the environment around them. This year’s prompt was a video of clips from the game 'Mountain.' It has been described by the creator as an "Existential Nature Simulation."

DAW: Ableton Live | Category: Game Audio Design

Click the image to listen or use this link.

"The River" was created as part of TSDCA's Fall Creative Challenge and then presented to various members of the Theatrical Sound Designers and Composers Association. Maddi Deckard collaborated on a team with Joseph Gherardi and Isabel Waldie. The River, a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, inspired the piece. Maddi sourced sounds and created the arrangement with initial mixing. Joseph did all field recording and completed the final mastering. Isabel worked on the musical instrumentation and the voiceover.

DAW: Logic Pro X | Category: Poetry

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Short Interludes is a small compilation of music interlude excerpts, all originally composed and mixed.

The cover photo and all pieces are original.

DAW: Logic Pro X | Category: Music Production, Composition

Maddi Deckard - The Kingdom of the Fairies (Méliès 1903) - Sound Design
Sound design only version, musical composition removed; visuals from 'The Kingdom of the Fairies' (Méliès 1903).

Sound "Re-Design" for Silent Film

For a mentorship project, a music composition and sound design were created for this excerpt from the silent film The Kingdom of the Fairies (Méliès 1903). The mentor, a recording artist, provided knowledge in music production techniques for the composition. The version provided here is only the sound design.

All composition and design was created by Maddi Deckard with an original composition and sourced, copyright-free sounds. The project was one of seven projects chosen to be presented at the virtual closing event for mentors and mentees.

DAW: Pro Tools | Category: Movies & Film

COMC YouTube Intro Clip.mp4

Sound Design & Music Sync for YouTube Intro

Sound effects designed to compliment select visual aspects of video animation (created by COMC's film lead). Music track edited to sync with the movement of illustrations - edited in Adobe Audition to create a shorter version to fit the introduction.

Music is copyright-free. Animated video licensed for use in videos on Color of Music Collective's YouTube.

DAW: Adobe Audition + VE: Premiere Pro | Category: Content Creation

Music Technology

| A selected collection of original work:

Anonymous Vision is a compilation album from the members of MUS344-01: "Live Performance with Technology," directed by Sarah Belle Reid. The album features new works exploring experimental synthesis, sampling, and sound design techniques. Maddi's contributions to the album are a solo track entitled "submerged hysteria" and 1 part of a 12-part 'blind recording' collaboration between the entire MUS344 Ensemble (explained more below).

DAWs: VCV Rack, Ableton Live | Category: Synthesis, Composition

Pieces of Pieces is a short compilation album of excerpts from pieces and miscellaneous dark compositions. It is an incomplete continuation of isolated sounds and misplaced soundscapes.

All pieces are original and the album artwork was also designed by Maddi Deckard.

DAWs: VCV Rack | Category: Synthesis, Composition

"low fidelity melody" is an excerpt from a song created in collaboration with Rachel Ross. Both Maddi and Rachel composed, recorded, and mixed for the song.

DAW: Ableton Live | Category: Music Production, Composition

Lighting Design

Lighting Design - Concert Concept - High Hopes, P!ATD.mp4

"High Hopes" by Panic! At The Disco

Lighting design programmed with Lightkey for live set concept.

Lighting Design - Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen.mp4

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Lighting design created in collaboration with four other live entertainment professionals.

Visual & Media Design

Poster Graphic Design

A redesign of the Hadestown poster, which is a Tony- and Grammy-award-winning Broadway musical about the Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice. Created using Adobe Photoshop.

Visual Expressionist Design - Lonely from Lovely Little Lonely .mov

Projections Design

An expressionist visual design of "Lonely" from Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine. Created using a combination of QLab and Adobe AfterFX.

Music by The Maine ( All videos are public source or original.

Deckard,Maddi_After Effects Album

Digital Media Design

Animation of the album cover art for Apollo 11 by Adam Young. Created using Adobe After Effects.

Music by Adam Young ( with artwork by James R Eads (

A/V Multi-Cam Edit

Fully edited video of Chapman University's Jazz Band performing "James Brown" by Tower of Power. Created using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Filmed by Chapman University A/V team.

COMC Motion Graphic_2021 GRAMMY Panel - Maddi

Motion Graphic Animation

Animated motion graphic title for YouTube video of music industry panel, "The GRAMMYs: Behind the Nominees." Created in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Graphic design by COMC graphics member.

OCTG Roundtable Promo Video - Maddi

Digital Media Promo Video

A promotional video created for Orange County Theatre Guild's "Theatre Going Virtual" roundtable discussion. Audio edited in Adobe Audition.

All graphic elements and animation created using Adobe After Effects. Music is copyright-free.

Technical Set Ups

Shure UR1 Bodypack TransmittersUtilized and maintained for East West Player's Mamma Mia!
Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console Operated for GYOPO's Storytelling
Yamaha CL5 Digital Mixer on iPad & Audio Files on LaptopSound Booth Workspace for Chapman University's 9 To 5 The
Various XLR Cables, Audio Snakes, Monitors, Audio InterfacesBand Pit Workspace for Chapman University's 9 To 5 The